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  • August 18th – Day 5

    Today is starting out well. I had a good night’s sleep last night. They seem to have figured out the right combination of medications and timing to offset the side effects of the night time arsenic treatments. All of the staff here at Banner Gateway/MD Anderson have been amazing. They are cheerful, encouraging, professional and […]

  • August 17

    Hello Family! (From Maggie)Thanks for the Celebration pictures of dad last night. We talked with him a little bit ago. He told us he enjoyed the evening & being with family!! 🎂 For Tom’s 4th day here in his home away from home. Tom is doing pretty good! He had a rough night last night, […]

  • August 16

    Hello Family (from Maggie) – some quiet moments this afternoon. Sharing an update with you. Tom is doing pretty good. His headache is back this afternoon. Asked the nurse abt this. The ATRA – Vitamin A has a 86% chance of causing headache. Since he has to take this for an extended period of time, […]

  • Here We Are – Background

    This is a blog site for information on the status of Tom Burba’s journey through the Leukemia healing process. In early August Tom started to have some peculiar bleeding and bruising. His doctor did some blood work. The doctor called back two days later with serious concerns and he instructed Tom go directly to the […]