August 22 Day 9

Todays word from the love chain that Laura made is Compassion.

Great Day! The Dr.’s are encouraged with Tom’s progress with his chemo! Could be as early as tomorrow, Tuesday, that Tom will be able to go home! If not tomorrow then sometime this week. YIPPEE!

The team here at Banner Gateway has been amazing, to say the least! They have shown so much compassion to Tom and all of our family.

Thank you for your continued prayers of healing for Tom as he enters into this next phase of outpatient chemo.

We are awestruck by all the love and support that everyone has shown us!!

Much love,

Tom, Maggie & Family

3 responses to “August 22 Day 9”

  1. WOW-we are amazed!! Thank You God!! We’ll look forward to hearing about what the outpatient treatment will be! Continued prayers for complete healing Tom! Love to you , Maggie & Family!

  2. FanTAStic news!!! Sounds like you’re making amazing progress – blessed be the Lord! Will keep praying for your healing and daily peace as you journey through this with the Lord and with so many of us hugging you from afar!

  3. Great that you can go home! I know this next phase will not be easy, but good things (your healing) rarely come without trials! The 23rd Psalm would be a good faith builder for now.

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