August 17

Hello Family! (From Maggie)
Thanks for the Celebration pictures of dad last night. We talked with him a little bit ago. He told us he enjoyed the evening & being with family!! ๐ŸŽ‚

For Tom’s 4th day here in his home away from home. Tom is doing pretty good! He had a rough night last night, headache & stomach not feeling well. He felt like he had the flu. Nurses & PA are working on the right combination of meds to relieve these side effects from the arsenic/ chemo.
His platelets were at 29 this morning. Gave addtl platelets and count rose to 56. He noticed a few more bruises on his body today. Nurse said this is due to platelets being low. His sugars are high, this could be from the steroids he is taking.

He took a shower this afternoon. Handsomest guy around!
His appetite is returning.
He sat in his chair for a while today. We walked 4 laps around the 5th floor with his new friend, the IV post, which he has named Rick Steve’s. His traveling buddy. His new attire for walking is mask & gloves.

Last night Tom had a short visit from Emily, Hannah & Eve. Emmy & Hannah adorned Tom’s walls with encouraging signs, pictures the kids had drawn/ decorated & pictures of all the family. Hope & Tommy were able to skype with Tom so they could see him too. They are concerned and miss their Papa!

His vitals are all good!

Tom is getting some needed rest and sleep this afternoon.

Please know your daily prayers are felt, and are at work!!

You are all loved & cherished!!

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  1. Tom, I got you in my heart and prayers 24×7! I know that you are going to get the best care. You got an army behind you, and after you get through this battle, let’s rent a double decker bus and celebrate!

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