August 16

Hello Family (from Maggie)

– some quiet moments this afternoon. Sharing an update with you. Tom is doing pretty good. His headache is back this afternoon. Asked the nurse abt this. The ATRA – Vitamin A has a 86% chance of causing headache. Since he has to take this for an extended period of time, Nurse talked to PA. Will try imitrex– used for migraine & pumping extra fluids. Hopefully this will help.
Tom has been resting & sleeping. Nurse came in to take vitals. Temp, BP good. Sugar is a little high. Had insulin @ lunch & will have insulin again tonight. Continuation of meds, ATRA (vitamin A) prednisone, antibiotics,…… & fluids.
Will have his 2nd dose of Arsnic & Singulair tonight.
Took a shower this morning. Went for a few short walks. I walked with him this afternoon.
David came by and we listened to restful radio together while Tom rested/slept. He enjoyed the peaceful music. As did I.

Thanks for loving us & praying with us
We love you! ♥️ ❤️

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