August 18th – Day 5

Today is starting out well. I had a good night’s sleep last night. They seem to have figured out the right combination of medications and timing to offset the side effects of the night time arsenic treatments.

All of the staff here at Banner Gateway/MD Anderson have been amazing. They are cheerful, encouraging, professional and caring. And all of the encouragement. love and support from so many friends and family have helped to carry us through, and will continue to carry us through on what is looking to be up to a 1 year schedule of treatment.

When we first got here, we were told to expect to be here in the hospital for 30 days of treatment, and without asking, assumed that was how long the total treatment would take. As we discuss more with the medical team, 30 days is how long to expect to stay in the hospital, but we will have many more months of outpatient treatments. They said not to plan any travel for up to a year, but it could be less than that if things go well. That’s certainly a bummer, but for so many dealing with other cancers, 1 year might be what they are being told they have left to live, but for me, it is just a delay on when we will be able to do one of the many things that we enjoy doing to live life more fully.

Attached are a couple pictures of a dust storm that we got to watch go across the SE Valley last evening. The Bible says that God can move mountains. Last evening we saw him re-move some mountains, and we trust that he will move whatever mountains need to be moved to help us to weather this storm.

Thank you again for your love and support.


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