Friday August 26 – Day 13

Good morning to our family and friends. As you have seen in earlier posts, Tom has a paper chain of daily healing words which our sister Laura made for him. Yesterday’s word was “BELIEVE”.  Well, Tom’s numbers continued to stabilize in the right direction yesterday… and… Tom was released from the hospital yesterday evening! 

He is home and very happy to be sleeping in his own bed! (He is still sleeping as of this writing). 

Tom will have daily trips to the hospital for the remainder of his 30-day arsenic / chemo treatment. Plan forward after that will be adjusted based on the test numbers at that point. 

For the remainder of the initial 30-day plan, Tom will be on a strict diet of healthy and well-cooked foods.  He will only be able to accept a few visitors… healthy, outdoors, masked, hand washing…

 Maggie and Tom are amazed at the outpouring of love. We will continue to post updates on Tom’s progress. Much love to all! Faith. Hope. Love. 

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