SUNDAY – October, 16th


Hello Dear Family & Friends! Hope all is well with each of you!

A week ago Friday, Tom completed 8 weeks of chemo treatments! And the beginning of a month OFF from chemo!! Our daughter and grand kids joined us as we released 8 balloons and 2 balloons that that said, “CELEBRATE!” The 8 orange balloons represent these eight weeks. Orange is also the cancer color for Leukemia. It was a wonderful feeling letting go of these 8 weeks and starting a new chapter in this journey!!

It has been over a week since Tom’s last chemo treatment. Tom looked at me the other day, with tears in his eyes, and said, “I am feeling GOOD!!” It was wonderful to hear these words from Tom! His appetite has returned. The film in his mouth from the chemo treatments has subsided. Tom is enjoying the flavor of foods once again. He is not feeling fatigued. His energy level is improving. Such good news to share with all of you!!

Tom is on 2 week cycle of Tretinoin (Vitamin A) until Sunday, October 23rd. During Tom’s break, there will be 2 weeks where Tom will be off both Arsenic & Tretinoin. For the past 3 weeks Tom has had an itchy rash on his upper chest, back and arms. The NP has prescribed a topical cream (steroid) for Tom. A skin rash is not uncommon to have while receiving chemo treatments. Tom will have BW and see the NP this coming Monday.

Tom and I are THANKFUL for this break and TIME!

Thank You for being in this journey TOGETHER with us! Your prayers, love and support make all the difference!


Tom & Maggie ❤️❤️🙏⚓️


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  1. Tom, I am delighted to hear how your last few weeks have gone. Keep the faith – life can return to normal even if it is not on your time schedule. Many ask how you are doing up here in Pine. Enjoy feeling good for awhile – it’s good to hear. You and your family remain in my daily prayers. Pat

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