SUNDAY – October, 23rd

Tom and I are enjoying time in the Pines this weekend. We haven’t been able to be at our cabin since July.

Hello Dear Family & Friends! Hope you have found time for rest & relaxation this weekend!

Tom is doing well! He saw the NP this past Monday. BW looks good. NP said to continue topical cream (steroid) for rash on upper chest, back and arms. Over this past week, Tom’s rash has improved significantly. Tom’s energy continues to improve. We are taking advantage of our Autumn mornings and walking. Tom continues to have a good appetite. He will be off of Tretinoin (Vitamin A) this coming Monday. No Arsenic treatments and no Vitamin A for 2 weeks!! NP said Tom continues to do well!

It was a full week celebrating Maggie’s birthday with the grand kids, going to a play at Gammage, with friends and going to Tucson to see Tom’s dad and two of his sisters. Finally, a NORMAL week!! So grateful!!

We hold each of you close in our thoughts and prayers.


Tom & Maggie ❤️❤️⚓️


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