Thursday, October, 6th

Hello Dear Family & Friends, We hope you find joy in the ordinary things in life today.

This Friday, Tom will complete his 4 week cycle of chemo. He will have 4 weeks off from treatment. Looking forward to this break for Tom & me!!
We are THANKFUL for how well the treatments are fightining the Leukemia!!

Tom and I met with NP. All looks good with BW and EKG. Tom’s BP has been slightly low this week. The NP has Tom on extra fluids along with his chemo treatments. The extra fluids have been helpful in bringing up Tom’s BP.. The last couple of days Tom has had a little more energy and feeling better. Good to see these encouraging signs for Tom! He will be back on Tretinoin (Vitamin A) on Monday for 2 weeks. Eating is still a challenge for Tom. However, he is able to drink protein drinks & eat what he can. We hope during the break from chemo that Tom’s appetite will increase.
Daily, Tom continues to strive!

We know that we are not alone and that God is ever so close to us. We place our trust in God that in the end, IT’S GOING TO BE OKAY!

Faith Hope & Love,
Tom & Maggie


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