Thursday, September 1 – Day 18 &19

Hello Dear Family & Friends,

Tom’s niece, Monica gave this to Tom as a gift, One Day At a Time. This was given to Monica 9 years ago when she was hospitalized due to a serious fall. Tom and I are learning to take each day and embrace what is.

We enjoyed a visit from Tom’s brother David & his wife Alice yesterday. A friend from our church also came by to bring Tom and I communion. Both of these visits brought peace & joy to our day.

Tom has been up early this week for chemo treatments. These early mornings are hard for Tom as he is tired. Yet, Tom is up, ready to go & waiting for me! His positive attitude amazes me. The nurses are always glad to see Tom and are happy to have him as their patient in the infusion center. His treatments continue to go well.

Tom & our family continue to persevere, One Day At A Time.

His Peace & Patience


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  1. I vividly remember Monica’s fall and her year+ recovery. She is fully recovered now and was just hired to her “dream job” at Mindcraft. But this recovery did not happen without a lot of excellence from her doctors, love from her friends and family AND her diligence and hard work!
    I pray for additional strength for you (and Maggie). Great grace is upon you, Tom, and as Paul shared “it is sufficient!”

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