Tuesday, September 6- Days 22, 23 & 24

Hello Family & Friends, Hope everyone had a good Labor Day Weekend! Catching up –

SUNDAY – Our daughter, Emily went with her dad to chemo. Even though their father daughter time was spent together in the Infusion Center, Tom & Emily enjoyed each other’s company. Another day of chemo completed for Tom. A victory! Tom and I were able to see our grand kids on Sunday. The best medicine yet! This brought great JOY to Tom and me! Our granddaughter Hope had a surprise for Tom. Hope cut out hearts. She gave a heart to each of her classmates. She shared a few of her favorite things about her Papa with her class. The kids wrote get well messages to Tom. They included a few jokes for him. As Tom read the notes from Hope’s classmates, he smiled and even had a few tears.

MONDAY – Tom had Blood Work and chemo. A long wait on Monday for chemo. Good news, the pharmacist was working on Monday in the Infusion Center. Tom’s perscription was ready quickly. Tom had to have additional Magnesium & Potasium along with his arsenic.

TUESDAY – Blessings & Challenges -7AM Blood work, EKG, DR. apt & Infusion. A long morning for Tom! However, a productive morning. BW -#’s are improving! Tom is no longer on a special diet (microbial). Will start taking Potasium pill, 1x a day. He will have a 2nd bone marrow biopsy on Thursday at 10:15 in the Dr.’s office. Please keep Tom in prayer on Thursday. Tom continues to feel very fatigued. His appetite is fair. Eating small amounts for strength.

The 3 words from the healing chain are MOTIVATE, HUMOR & CHALLENGE.

Your prayers MOTIVATE, Tom & our family to keep persevering one day at a time. It’s true, Laughter, HUMOR is the best medicine! The CHALLENGE is to accept the things you can not change, cancer.

Thank you for your continued prayers for Tom & our family. You remain in our prayers.🙏🙏

All our Love,


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  1. Tom, keep up the grind with a smile. It is surprising how much a smile from you can give smiles to the rest of the family. You and your family remain in our prayers daily.

    I’m sure you are sad to miss the budget meeting this weekend. (But, I’m missing it too since I’ll be away).

    Keep up the good work.

    Pat and Dennis

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